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He eventually acquired a second uniform: this time it was the attire of the German SS.

His uniform and his fluency in both Hungarian and German allowed him to fool and intimidate Hungarian Arrow Cross and to confidently ask questions. His modus operandi was simple: He would speak to Nazi and Arrow Cross soldiers while disguising himself as one of their own.

He arrived at the building in his Nazi uniform and asked the doormen for Frankle’s apartment number. ” To Pinchas’ misfortune, another doorman was present when he knocked on Frankle’s door. ” With the non-Jewish, Hungarian doorman looking on, Pinchas thought his identity was blown.

When Frankle opened the door, Pinchas was forced to play the part of a Nazi to the fullest. He yelled at his old friend, verbally abusing him until he understood to play along.

The child of the family, a survivor still living in Brooklyn, says that Pinchas could not bear the sight of their misery.

He broke character and whispered in Yiddish: “Ich bein a Yid--I am a Jew.” Saving lives on this scale came with gut-wrenching decisions.

In another incident, Pinchas arrested a Hassidic family.

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The invasion occurred in 1944, with the allies advancing and Germany nearing defeat.

The Nazis, nevertheless, prioritized the killing of Jews, which they would proceed to carry out very rapidly.

One of those harrowing dilemmas is portrayed in the film.

Alec, the character based on Pinchas, intercepted a convoy of trucks carrying Jews to the camps.

That was the story of the hundreds of Hungarian Jews saved by Pinchas Rosenbaum, the man who disguised himself as a Nazi in order to save Jews.

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