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04-Aug-2017 21:34

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While we were assured by our moderators that there was never any pressure to share more information about ourselves than made us comfortable, it wasn’t long before we all knew each others’ names, where we were writing from, and what we did on a day to day basis. It’s pretty easy to spot crazy most places on the internet.” This is not a sad story where I end up stalked and have to change my name and move to another state, bemoaning my lack of foresight. They are real, wonderful people who I am very lucky to know. I was warned to take caution when I graduated from college; if there were any pictures of me on Facebook sporting a suspicious red plastic cup, I should remove them immediately.… continue reading »

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Able to fly or power through the waves, the FS-1 (as it was originally named) had sci-fi fans in a flurry.… continue reading »

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From Romeo and Juliet, to dashing Mr Rochester choosing plain Jane Eyre, we celebrated stories of Cupid’s dart striking randomly.… continue reading »

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Today, interracial romances are commonly depicted on the small and big screen, alike. As recently as the 1960s, cinema featuring interracial love stories faced boycotts and banning in parts of the U. Despite such opposition, filmmakers persisted in developing storylines with interracial couples.… continue reading »

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