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Elon Musk's startup Open AI produced the machine learning system that bested Danylo 'Dendi' Ishutin at the online multiplayer battle game Dota 2 (pictured)AI systems rely on artificial neural networks (ANNs), which try to simulate the way the brain works in order to learn.

ANNs can be trained to recognise patterns in information - including speech, text data, or visual images - and are the basis for a large number of the developments in AI over recent years.

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Vastly more complex than traditional board games like chess & Go.'Following the match, he also warned that advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) pose more of a threat to humanity than North Korea.'If you're not concerned about AI safety, you should be.

Conventional AI uses input to 'teach' an algorithm about a particular subject by feeding it massive amounts of information.

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