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Out of the nine gates in the 14th-century walls, four survive today.Several stretches of the earth fortification wall surrounding the city are still in place.Today the wall can't be seen as the original appearance.The most significant remain of the medieval fortifications which surrounded the town of Aarschot is a tower located on top of a hill just south of the old town, named the Aurelianustoren or Orleanstoren.An outer wall in front of this wall fragment sports two dilapidated casemated caponieres.To the east, the shape of several bastions have remained intact.

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Today, 96% of the wall still exists and is a local landmark. The wall was destroyed by the Dutch during its colonial period in the way to ended the Banten reign.A wall tower, the Tour de Gavre, also remains next to the church.The location of the 16th-century, seven-sided ring of fortifications can still be seen as low hills in the fields and gardens surrounding the old town.Ath was fortified several times during its history.

Of the oldest fortifications, the old castle, including the Burbant Tower, still stands.

During the early 19th century, a large fortress was built by the Dutch on the location where a castle had stood several centuries before.