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Based on the results of clinical trials it can be concluded that a greater LDL-C lowering results in a greater reduction of CV events [8].In the light of these data, prevention consensus conferences in Hungary determined different risk categories and the associated therapeutic goals to be achieved for more efficient medical care [9].There was no significant improvement in HDL-C or triglyceride levels during the examined period.Cardiovascular (CV) diseases are the main cause of death in adults although in Western Europe and the USA a slight and continuous improvement has been observed for several decades.Similarly, results from other countries have shown the close relation between risk factor changes and occurrence of CV diseases [4, 5].

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Patient eligibility criteria were known CV disease or asymptomatic individuals with at least 2 risk factors.In the majority of the patients not achieving the LDL-C goal (57% for specialists and 89% for GPs) there was no modification in the current therapy.In addition to emphasizing the priority of LDL-C lowering, we should also strive for residual risk reduction, which means raising high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) and lowering triglyceride levels.Statins are the first-line medications in lipid-lowering therapy.

According to data obtained from meta-analyses, the reduction of LDL-C levels by 1 mmol/l results in a 12-15% decrease in total mortality and a 19-28% decrease in mortality related to CHD [6, 7].

Treatment strategies of the last 10-15 patients with CV events treated by 79 internists, 48 diabetologists, 61 cardiologists, 42 neurologists and 53 GPs were assessed retrospectively in the MULTI-GAP study [16].