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Jack Reacher must uncover the truth behind a major government conspiracy in order to clear his name.

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As the camera pans slightly when they're getting off the hearse you can see a piece of wood used as a chock (looks like a 4"x4") placed in front of the right rear wheel of the hearse.

While no details are given about the individual pasts of the Magnificent Seven it is fairly clear what there pasts may have been.1.

Chris: A leader, perhaps a former soldier, who has encountered danger before and gained a degree of mastery over his emotions in dangerous situation.2.

Fortunately, he got his chance; producer Roger Birnbaum wanted to do a remake after leaving his position as co-chairman of MGM, saying the original film and its characters underline the theme of mortality, a theme that he holds after surviving a gastrointestinal tumor. Both Liam Neeson and Denzel Washington are in their 60s, both have defied the laws of Physics by starting brand-new careers as Action Heros late in life.

See more » The beautiful widow's dress is very inviting to the viewer, but a respectable woman of the 1870's would never allow her upper torso, arms, or legs to be seen in public. and both are charismatic and talented enough to pull it off.(Neeson with the Taken series plus a few other assorted action roles recently; Denzel with the Equalizer franchise and this strange oater.) Frankly, I would be happy to buy a ticket buyer for all the action roles they both can dish up.

Lee (Vaughn): The most difficult character to relate to.