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Disc 2 gathers together a wealth of associated recordings, including the rare Greetings 3 EP (released only in Italy), non-album tracks such as “Our Lady of the Angels”, “LFO Mod”, and the exquisite acoustic instrumental “Catos con Guantes”.

Other tracks on Disc 2 include various mixes of “When the World” (a video single at the time), oddball Jefferson Airplane cover “White Rabbit” (recorded in LA on a whim with guest vocalist Debi Diamond), and several ‘sporadic recordings’ which revisit themes first heard on the original album.

El ejercicio con pesas, ya sea de tonificación o de hipertrofia tiene una serie de beneficios que muchas veces pasamos por alto y posiblemente no los conozcamos.

Para realizar un correcto ejercicio y para trabajar el músculo de una forma correcta debemos de saber como afecta este tipo de ejercicio a nuestro cuerpo.

Disc 2 contains associated recordings, including the rare Greetings 3 EP and much more.

Disc 3 is live from Bottom Line club in New York City in October 1987, along with two further live tracks taped at the WOMAD festival in August 1988. Factory Benelux presents an expanded 3x CD deluxe edition of The Guitar and Other Machines, the sixth studio album by Manchester ensemble The Durutti Column, originally released by Factory Records in 1987.

NPR’s Bob Boilen noted, “Of the 70 bands I saw at this year’s SXSW, the band Shame seemed to mean what they played more than any other.”Utilising both the grit and sincerity of that musical background, Shame carved out a niche in the South London music scene and then barrelled fearlessly into the angular, thrashing post punk that would go on to make up ‘Songs Of Praise’, their Dead Oceans debut. They are all, unfortunately, true." Maxence Cyrin is a French pianist and composer based in Paris.

From ‘Gold Hole’, a tongue-in-cheek takedown of rock narcissism, to lead track ‘Concrete’ detailing the overwhelming moment of realising a relationship is doomed, to the frustrated ‘Tasteless’ taking aim at the monotony of people droning through their day-to-day, ‘Songs Of Praise’ never pauses to catch its breath."We are trying to capture a moment that has yet to cease - something that is ongoing and developing," says Steen on what Shame’s driving force is. After graduating from a Conservatoire de Musique he got enthralled by electronic music.

The 3x CD set is housed in a clamshell box with individual interior wallets.It’s a rock’n’roll cabaret with punk and pop art in its bloodstream.