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15-Oct-2017 11:19

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Honestly I would be happier to pay only for the hi res digital and buy the vinyl when they are actually available..a record store. Trent Reznor aka Nine Inch Nails a quintessential industrial rock artist or pathetic poster boy for alternative music in the 90's?The end of 2009 and it turned out that he was to be neither of them.Whether he is a genius or not is not important, whether his music is massively popular or not is not important, whether he produces anymore music heading into the next decade or doesn't is not important.What is important is that he had a vision, he knew he had the talent and that he had the balls to start tearing down the status quo of the current music business model and to start building his own.

Reissues and new EP announced December 2016 and up for sale with immediate hi-res downloads... How many here threw down (a lot of) money to since that's the only outlet to purchase these vinyl reissues?

With The Fragile Reznor made one of the albums of the 90's if not the album of the 90's and even though I only got into NIN last year it doesn’t mean I don’t listen to any music back then its just anything from that era I did listen to was pure crap or average at best. Allot of His work is over produced, he takes too long to make an album (with teeth could be his last) and with has also stopped the steady climb of class that The Downward Spiral and The Fragile had created.

But all in all NIN is one of the great alternative groups out there and will always be.

Nine inch nails are a group that has influenced music whether we like it or not.

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Yes Reznor was a poster boy for teens in the 90's but was that his choice? I'm from Europe and to be honest I never even heard of NIN until about a year ago.If you're a musician or you're not, or you're inspired by Trent Reznor's music or you're not, the one thing, I think we can all find inspiration in, is the fact that one man did it on his own and as cheesy as this sounds if he could so can the rest of us. Nine Inch Nails is the reason I listen to the music I do, whether because of a remix credit or liner note, collaboration, Nothing Records label-mates, supporting acts, etc., I can trace everything back to Trent Reznor somehow or another, sometimes intentionally other times not.

But this is plainly an inference not from the contents of the book, but from an assumed late date for its composition, an inference therefore no less uncertain than that date itself.… continue reading »

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